Foreign Trade

We provide legal advice to national and foreign companies in their foreign trade and customs operations in Mexico, including all matters related with the importation and exportation of goods and services, duty deferral programs (Maquila-IMMEX), duty relief programs (Prosec, Rule 8th), Certified Company Registration, as well as in connection with the compliance of non-tariff regulations and restrictions (import permits, quotas, NOMs).

We represent companies with government authorities with the objective of providing legal certainty to their foreign trade transactions in Mexico, as well as in connection with any customs audits (visits or documental reviews) conducted by Mexican Customs and related tax authorities implementing any legal defense that may be necessary in order to protect the companies’ interests.

Additionally, we conduct preventive reviews and check-ups with regards to foreign trade and customs transactions, we assist companies on the customs tariff classification of their goods, and we provide advice in all matters related with any of Mexico’s free trade agreements (NAFTA / USMCA). 

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